Long-term protocols tailored to improve, and regenerate, your cognition.

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Vitamin D3
Critical and neuroprotective
CDP Choline
Improve memory formation
200 mg
Promote cognitive enhancement
250 mg
Protect brain cells
1000 mg

Common optimization goals

Peak cognitive performance

Accelerate processing speed, amplify focus, and maximize productivity e.g.  the most cognitively capable ‘you’.

Enhanced creative state

Activate whole-brain coherence, bypass restrictive mindsets, and spark prolific innovative e.g. better, faster ideas.

Cognitive regeneration

Combat cognitive decline, promote neurogenesis, and improve your overall neuroplasticity e.g. your ability to learn.


We’ll work with you in measured cycles to improve your cognitive goals.

Which means we’ll learn what you want, and we’ll then tailor protocols for you to get there. During this process, we’ll then measure what matters to make changes or improvements toward those goals.

Biomarker & Neurometric Assessment

We’ll learn what we need to learn in order to achieve the goals you have in your mind.

Neural Cartography

We help to correct content related challenges in the brain e.g. when the map is confused for the territory.

Personalized Neural Stack

We’ll customize a stack for you which helps you get what you need from our optimization protocol.

Answers to questions

What do you optimise?

Whatever you want that falls within our expertise, in general, if you’re focused on things related to your brain and cognition, we can help.

Is this safe?

Yes, we only use safe optimizations, nothing is invasive, and you are free to say no to any recommendations we make.

What is the cost?

We charge $500 a month for this service, which includes all our analysis, our recommendations, and all the necessary comms.

How do I get the best results?

We recommend working with us for at least 3 months, and since this is remote, purchasing a few simple devices we’ll recommend to help with biofeedback.

How do we start working together?

Book a call and let’s discuss your needs.

How do we stop working together?

You can cancel working with us on optimizations at any point in time. There’s no obligation for you to work with us any longer than you feel necessary to achieve your goals.

Is there anything else I should know?

No, but feel free to ask questions, or book a call, and we'll be happy to help however we can.

Long-term protocols tailored to improve, and regenerate, your cognition.

Create your protocol with our team.

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