Quantified cognitive enhancement for improved performance and intelligence.

We aim to study the human mind in a way that's never been attempted before. Our mission is to join adventurous neurohackers with applied researchers in order to reach novel scientific findings.

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Access to our preliminary research, news, and a community of like-minded people. Complementary access or discounts to products started by More Lucid members.

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Our contributors are polymath thinkers with a passion for applied research and skills making them world-experts at their odd crafts. Understanding the mind is what brings us together.

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Our members received access to bespoke protocols we designed to enhance their cognition.

Our approach to cognitive enhancement  is tailored to the individual through self-experimentation.

There's low-hanging fruit in the space of nootropics, phototherapy, and physical practices—but it requires careful fine-tuning for every person.

What current members are focusing on is increasing fluid intelligence. Our bet is that improving fluid intelligence is equivalent to brain regeneration.

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Our aim with More Lucid is to enhance cognitive performance and prevent cognitive decline.

What does the intervention involve?

Nootropics, phototherapy, neurofeedback, exercise, sensory training, phenomenological explorations and meditation. These can be done together or separately

How much does it cost ?

Up to date material about our intervention costs 49$/month, the items required to do it can be purchased for as little as 120$ depending on location, but more complex setup will increase costs.

How long does the intervention take ?

Depending on how much time you have, you can do versions that take as little as 10 minutes a day, or as long as 4 hours a day. We currently suggest people keep doing this for 2 weeks, but members are welcome to experiment with longer or shorter durations.

How up to date is your data ?

We update both the interventions people self experiment with and our understanding of various therapies whenever new research is published (including preprints) and every time one of our members reports data from running the interventions. Expect improvements every few weeks !

How do you measure results ?

Using a mix of fluid IQ tests, processing speed assessments and memory tests

What else is included ?

You get access to a community of members running their own self experiments, direct support from the more lucid team, fine-tuned wikis for hundreds of supplements and nootropics as well as a chat-bot fine tuned to answer questions about the cognitive enhancement space (this is our custom-trained model, not a GPT wrapper ^^)

Quantified cognitive enhancement for improved performance and intelligence.

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