Our one mission is to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

Rigorous open inquiry
Challenge views and norms
Believe it’s possible
Find safe paths forward

That’s why More Lucid exists, and to be honest, if we felt that other people were doing this job well, then we wouldn’t exist. Our belief is that the ontologies which surround cognitive regeneration are broken. Research no longer focuses on research, it just focuses on patentable chemicals, or beating dead horses.  

There are many interventions which we believe can improve cognition, and contribute to cognitive regeneration, but they’re ignored for the same reason GLP-1 agonists were ignored (bad ontologies).

You might find what we’re saying exciting, or you might find it frustrating. In both situations, we suggest you get in touch  to have a conversation with us. Our thoughts are refined, clear, and we welcome people who also feel they bring something similar to the table.

Join us on our mission

Resident Neuroscientist

We’re looking for a neuroscientist to join our team that’s passionate about our mission, cognitive regeneration, and new research paradigms to achieve these goals.


Resident Osteopath

We’re looking for someone that’s an expert in massage, the spine, and osteopathy that’s willing to step outside the box, and apply their skills toward cognitive regeneration.


Open Application

Don’t see a role that fits? Send us a message and let us know how you want to support us. We’re open to a good conversation.