Regenerate your mind, improve  cognition, and increase intelligence.

Our data against controls  suggest our interventions can deliver against these promises. Our next intervention is for 9 days in Barcelona, starting on June 20th - June 29th.

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People who join our interventions

Executives & Founders

People who want to find ways to create structure, and remain creative in complex, unstructured environments.

Spacial intelligence +7.6%

Standard Intervention

People who need to make quick decisions where there’s high risk-to-reward ratios, and capital at stake.

verbal intelligence +7.6%

Scientists & Researchers

People who are studying or researching areas where cognition, neuroscience, or philosophy is involved.

general MEMORY +7.6%

What happens during the intervention?

AI Neurofeedback

Based on our monitoring, we’ll use NIR, TMS, and near-UV stimulation guided by AI  algorithms, to enhance cognition.

Long-term Nootropics

Custom supplementation formulations based on dose-response and biomarkers.

Cerebrovascular training

Optimized training regiment that focuses precisely on increasing brain vascularization.

Work optimisation

Paradigms to help you work more efficiently and need less copes (stimulants, food, drinks) to do so.

Contemplative paradise

Engage in conversations which are equal parts challenging, enjoyable, and intellectually stimulating.

Lifetime information access

Perpetual access to the new research we publish, as well as any other future paid communities.

Participants from our intervention are from these companies

Primer on the Science

We always begin your intervention with a comprehensive cognitive evaluation, which creates an initial baseline for us to benchmark our improvements.

We always begin your intervention with a comprehensive cognitive evaluation, which creates an initial baseline for us to benchmark our improvements.

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Answers to questions

Where is the intervention?

Our next intervention is June 20th to June 29th, in Barcelona.

Who is suitable for the intervention?

Anyone that’s healthy and looking to improve their cognition, or reverse cognitive decline. When we say healthy, we mean someone who currently with no complex cognitive challenges.

Is the intervention safe?

There are no invasive protocols, or strange, risky procedures during our interventions. Both the environment, as well as how we operate is safe.

What are the protocols?

You can learn more about our protocols when you book a call with our team. We’re happy to discuss specifics, and answer  further questions.

Why should I trust you?

Because we follow our own advice, and we practice what we preach. When we say our interventions our safe, and they work, we have both the data, and the experience to prove this.

How much does the intervention cost?

$2,499 for 9 days, which includes all food, resources, and accommodation. Total cost is reduced by ~60% to encourage beta-testers and early-adopters to participate.

Is there anything else I should know?

No, but feel free to ask questions, or book a call, and we'll be happy to help however we can.

Regenerate your mind, improve cognition, and increase intelligence.

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